Predictably get more YES’s from your very best prospects.

Finally – you can stop chasing prospects and quit engaging in endless circle-backs and other fruitless habits that lead to nowhere & actually reduce your likelihood of getting to a YES for your offer. 

Use this simple 4 step process that works together with your prospect’s natural and ingrained buying behaviors and preferences so you can get more customers, clients, cases, & contracts. 

Get more YES’s without the uneasy feeling of being sales-y, pushy, or using any high-pressure or unethical “close at all costs” tactics.

This tried-and-true method is so effective and so easy to implement that even lazy, broke college students have learned and used this simple 4 step process to close $1,000+ sales on demand after just a single afternoon of training.

Here’s what you will get instant access to today:

The Complete Objection Handling Mastery Course & Proven Process Blueprint including video lessons, resources, and downloads.

13 never before seen videos revealing the simple 4 step Begging to Buy OHM process to handle objections and get more YES’s from your prospects


You’ll get instant access to all of the never before seen, virtual whiteboard videos that walk you through the Begging to Buy Objection Handling Mastery process, a time-tested and proven method for handling objections at any level of your business or customer acquisition process in any situation (13+ total videos)


Discover WHERE objections come from in your business, WHEN you should handle them to get to a YES faster, WHAT you need to say in order to gently persuade your prospects towards saying YES to your offer, and HOW you can leverage your customers’ natural decision process making to get more YES’s from your best prospects


This course is interactive, meaning you can ask questions, get clarification, share ideas, and get quality feedback directly from the Champion team (like having a full-time sales coach in your corner!)


The complete private online course is available for easy access from your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone (anywhere you can get on the Internet)


LIFETIME ACCESS: Not only will you receive lifetime access with no other charges or fees, but you’ll also receive all new video additions, updates, and new content once you are in as a member.


Close more sales, save more deals, and sign more contracts without spending more money on marketing or having to invest in finding more prospects

The Exact Method to Confidently Handle & Eliminate Objections

You’ll discover HOW to use 4 simple steps to get prospects who are ready to say no or walk away to see things from your perspective and move towards making a confident decision to say YES to your offer – all in less than an afternoon of learning.


Understand how to “diagnose the objection” to discover your prospect's true reason for hesitating on saying YES when you ask for the commitment


Discover the exact process to handle any objection that helps you turn your prospect's biggest fears and concerns into the exact reasons they have confidence to commit to your offer


Master the only 4 objections in existence your prospect can ever raise even if you have an expensive or really unique or complex offer


Discover WHERE objections come from in your business, WHEN you should handle them to get to a YES faster, WHAT you need to say in order to gently persuade your prospects towards saying YES to your offer, and HOW you can leverage your customer's natural decision making process to get more YES’s more frequently and faster from your best prospects

The Best Times to Handle (and How to Prevent) Objections

You will discover WHEN to handle objections – both before they happen and after a prospect raises them in your offer process


Understand exactly where objections occur in your offer timeline so you can apply this simple 4 step process at the perfect moment to increase the likelihood of a YES from your prospect


Learn how you can make adjustments to prevent or entirely eliminate commonly raised objections to your offers


Learn the critical steps that you must take after successfully handling an objection to prevent your prospects from changing their minds, requesting refunds, cancelling their orders, or discontinuing their contracts

The Only 4 Steps to Handling Any Objection That You Will Ever Encounter

Learn to identify the 4 types of objections with certainty so you can handle them and move your prospects towards a confident YES to your offer, even if your prospects come up with lots of different reasons to delay or decline your offer presently


Quickly recognize which of the 4 types of objections that a prospect can raise for any type of offer so you can swiftly help them pivot towards saying YES to your offer without being pushy or high pressure


Understand the key words and phrases that automatically realign a prospects decision making priorities with saying YES to your offer based on their objection type


Help your prospects make a confident commitment to a firm decision instead of delaying decisions and “needing more time” to think about your offers

Complete Access to the Objection Handling Library of Custom Case Studies & Objection Outlines


Gain complete lifetime access to a library of real-world walkthroughs of handling objections submitted by members with explanations and feedback by Champion sales coaching experts


Learn from case studies and examples submitted by other members and created specifically at the request of program members for their specific objections to create massive leverage with professionally developed objection handling outlines and scripts


Request your own future case studies and receive personalized feedback on your actual objection handling difficulties, struggles, and needs in your business

Incredible 180 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee


You’ll handle more objections and get more YES’s to your offers or the entire course is FREE. Period.

Over the next 180 days, you are going to completely transform the results you get when you approach making deals with prospects and presenting your offers.

With 180 days to try the program, you can:

1) Watch the lessons, ask questions, learn more as you rewatch over and over

2) Implement the simple 4 step process into your offer structure

3) Submit your own objection(s) for custom responses and feedback in the Objection Handling Library

4) Watch your prospects objections to your offers disappear and crumble away like dust in the wind because you are a YES getting machine capable of finding a way to a firm commitment from virtually any prospect raising almost any objection

We are so confident that this course will work for you (and that you will be EXTREMELY satisfied with the value of the program) that we have put in play a full 180 day money-back guarantee on your membership.

So go through the course. Submit your own case study request for the Objection Handling Library. Get coaching through your own struggles and receive personalized feedback. Put the process and the program to the complete test.

If you are not completely convinced of the value of your investment in the program, simply send an email to our support team (the email is available inside your members area any time) and get a prompt refund.

Start getting more YES’s from your best prospects faster and with less friction while increasing your lifetime customer loyalty at the same time. 

What Objection Handling Mastery will do for you:

  • You will be able to confidently handle any objection your prospects bring up – even if they won’t tell you exactly why they are not yet ready to say YES to your offer
  • You will understand the “CRITICAL Must-Happen Pivot” to have your prospects go from expressing skepticism or hesitation to confidently saying YES to your offer with a concrete commitment
  • You will know exactly how to identify prospects who want to say YES but are expressing objections to your initial offer and how you can help them make a confident decision to say YES today
  • You will learn the one magic phrase you can use to help prospects who are sitting on the fence or continually kicking the can down the road to make a firm decision today without being pushy or high-pressure
  • You’ll quickly be able to determine how to get non-qualified prospects to quit “kicking the tires” or delaying making a decision so you can stop wasting your time with people who won’t ever say YES to you
  • You will know exactly which steps to take after successfully handling an objection and getting to a successful YES
  • You will understand how to leverage the natural buying behaviors and decision making habits of your prospects so that you can help them say YES to your offers with higher frequency and less friction
  • You will understand exactly how to utilize this proven formula to reduce or even completely eliminate people who cancel, ask for refunds, or otherwise try to back out of saying YES to your offer after the fact (even if you struggle with cancellations, chargebacks, and refunds in your industry)
  • You will always know exactly what to say as well as how to say it to persuade your best prospects to  make a confident commitment to your offer without using pushy sales tactics, hardcore closing tactics, or any other questionable methods

Free Bonus Videos & Resources (When You Take Action Today)

  • Access to never before published audio of interviews with objection handling rockstars who have succeeded in getting to YES in multiple industries with multiple products and services

  • Behind-the-scenes look at exactly how we handle objections for our very own prospects to show you the ways we practice what we preach when it comes to making our own offers to our own audience of prospects

  • The proprietary “Begging to Buy” objection diagnosis exercise and worksheet complete with video walkthrough to help you easily and quickly classify your most common objections so you can handle them with confidence and lower the frequency of them from arising in future offers to prospects

  • Downloadable PDF of master class notes and slides so you can follow along and add your own thoughts and notes in the included margins

  • A list of preferred products and services to help you simplify, streamline, systematize, or automate much or all of your objection handling processes so that you can focus your energy (or your teams energy) on getting to more YES’s with new prospects or other important goals in your business instead of wasting time chasing down deals and wasting valuable resources endlessly following up with prospects

  • Recommended resources and next steps for deeper learning on the decision making process that all prospects use to evaluate any offer and for continued progress on the path of getting more YES’s because prospects are practically begging to buy from you

Start getting more YES’s from your best prospects faster and with less friction while increasing your lifetime customer loyalty at the same time. 

**For a limited time, this program is available for select participants for more than 70% off the regular price. This means you will automatically receive a $700 advance rebate applied at checkout when you act today**

Normal Price: $997

Today’s Special Price: $297

180-Day Money Back Guarantee

We have taken 100% of the risk off of you and put it on us. You will handle more objections and become more confident in your ability to get to YES by going through this course or you do not have to pay for it.

Click Here to Get Instant Access + All Included Bonuses Now



Is this course focused mainly on handling objections or preventing them from happening?

 A: The course is designed to accomplish two primary objectives:

#1 – help you master the simple 4-step process handling the objections you are encountering right now when you make offers in your business so you can start getting more YES’s immediately

#2 – show you how you can begin preventing these objections from arising in the future and ultimately work to reduce or completely eliminate them from your offer making process


What if this simple 4 step process does not work for me? What if I do not feel capable of handling more objections after going through this course?

A: No worries!

While this process is so simple that even lazy college students have used it to master the objection handling process and close $1,000+ sales on demand, we have a money back guarantee to ensure you feel the course was valuable and will enable you to get more YES’s from your best prospects.

You get a full 180 days to put the course to the test. Simply go through the course and if you do not find it valuable, email us at [email protected] and we will issue you a refund.

The ultimate goal is for you to come out of this course with the CONFIDENCE and PROCESS to handle objections so you can get more YES’s from your best prospects.


How long is the course?

A: You can view all of the video content in a period of 3-4 hours (we recommend you have some breaks in there!) or you can split it up over a few mornings, afternoons, or spread it over a weekend.

The goal is for you to learn at your own pace so that you can most effectively implement this simple 4 step process to improve your bottom line. 


How many times can I go through? What do I need to access my stuff?

A: Your membership includes LIFETIME ACCESS, which means you can watch the videos and revisit the content as much as you want at your leisure.

Because the courses are hosted in a private membership area and do not require any downloads for the lessons, you can access the content anywhere you have an internet connection with your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

As you watch the lessons on streaming video, you are encouraged (but certainly not required!) to have a method of taking notes, although the video slides are available inside the members area in convenient PDF format.


What exactly is the Objection Library? What makes it interactive? What does that mean?

A: The Objection Library is a collection of custom case studies for objections submitted by students of the course. 

You will have the ability to submit your own objections to get an in-depth breakdown and personalized response crafted just for you.

In addition, you can ask questions, add comments, and get further clarification by interacting with others in the members area for each lesson and resource. 


Where (and how often) can I access the course and Objection Library?

A: Your LIFETIME ACCESS includes unlimited logins, which means you can access the course resources and the library as often as you want. You can access everything from anywhere you have internet from any device with a connection.

You will be able to login to the members area with instructions and membership credentials that will be emailed to you after checkout. We suggest you bookmark the login page after you complete your purchase, but you will always be able to find the login on our primary website by visiting the homepage. 


How much does it cost? Are there any other fees or charges?

A: The price for the course without the discount is $997, but if you invest in the course TODAY you can be one of the select business owners and service professionals to get the entire course for just ONE PAYMENT of $297 (as a thank you for your continued dedication to your business and brand.)

Even though a half day of private sales and objection training with ongoing coaching from Champion would cost you upwards of $5,000 plus monthly fees, there are NO OTHER CHARGES or FEES (and you get unlimited access to both the course and the Objection Library for life.)


Are there any "upsells" or "one time only offers"?

A: No. There is no “funnel” and there are not any “other things to buy to get the most out of your course.” Simply complete your checkout for the course and you will immediately be able to access the materials and start learning to implement this simple 4 step process into your business.

While there is an option to add extra “seats” in the class for members of your team after checkout, there is no “deluxe” or “pro” version or any kind of upgrade – you get everything included with your initial purchase.


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